Dinnerware trends considerably influenced by TV shows and European culture

Mar 30, 2020

Dinnerware trends considerably influenced by TV shows and European culture

Mar 30, 2020

Recently, Globally Cool conducted a market intelligence study for CBI on dinnerware. As we dove into the world of ceramics, cutlery, and glass, we came across some interesting and current opportunities that we are happy to share.

The concepts of ‘Social Dining’ and the TV show ‘MasterChef’ are increasing the popularity of home cooking in European countries. This is shaping new developments and generating demand for dinnerware. In fact, these trends have contributed to the European market growing at a rate of 15% annually. What do these trends entail and what opportunities do they offer?

Rediscovering joy in cooking

Northern European countries are increasingly developing a table culture that blends Southern European influences from the Italian food culture and French cuisine with more exotic sources like Morocco and Japan. As a result, European consumers are rediscovering their joy in cooking and showing off their cooking skills.

Especially consumers from Northern European countries, who do not have a generally accepted culinary tradition, are increasingly taking more time to sit down and enjoy their dinner. They are turning it into a social event with family and friends and are using their best tableware. As a result, these consumers are more eager to invest in fancy dinnerware that reflects their taste and will impress their guests. They have learned to distinguish and appreciate good dinnerware and are increasingly making individual choices.

Home chef is inspired by TV shows

The increasing popularity of cooking shows, such as MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen, is also contributing to this. European consumers desire to be a ‘MasterChef’ themselves and consequently require the necessary tools to obtain their status as ‘chef’. These professional amateurs in the home kitchen are developing their cooking skills and are eager to present a full-course dinner to friends and family using the finest dinnerware.

The European market for dinnerware is already a significant market by any standard, with imports of up to €1.9 billion in 2018. The ‘Social Dining’ and ‘MasterChef’ trends are expected to build up the demand for dinnerware even further.

This article has been written by Globally Cool on behalf of CBI for the CBI Home Decoration and Home Textiles (HDHT) series of Market Intelligence studies

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