Winning export marketing initiatives: a co-creation

Mar 20, 2020

Winning export marketing initiatives: a co-creation

Mar 20, 2020

How can we increase the export turnover of the processed cassava, cosmetics products, and processed fruits value chains in Ghana? That was one of the burning questions on the table during the EU funded West African Competitiveness Programme (WACOMP) in Ghana.

Together with UNIDO, one of the implementing partners of the WACOMP programme, we drafted an intervention framework that includes the development of export marketing strategies and plans for the three value chains.

How do we get there?

The process includes three strategic sessions with key stakeholders in each value chain. These are leading associations that are the main drivers and owners of the sector export marketing, branding strategy, and public sector bodies – such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA), which are the main facilitators. Together we co-create the export marketing strategy and align the marketing activities and resources to create an optimized impact.

“Now I understand why we failed in the past”

March 12th 2020, marked the kick-off for the development of the sector export marketing plans. Members of the value chain steering committees gathered at the Association of Ghana Industries. During this event, we shared good practices and success factors of public-private collaboration initiatives in the area of sector export marketing and sector branding from other emerging markets. Lively discussions followed on the need of such initiative, past experiences, and the importance of having the decision-makers and influencers in the value chains on board. It was very enlightening, as mentioned by the chairman of the pineapple association: “We had a sector branding initiative in the past, but now I understand why it failed. This process looks very good. Looking forward being part of it!”

What’s next?

In the next few weeks, we will conduct trade data analysis to identify high potential markets and assess competitor performance. Also, we will run a qualitative trend analysis and identification of buyer perceptions on the exportable offer and suppliers from Ghana. This will serve as input for the first strategic conference to determine a strategic direction with priority markets, value proposition, and promotion interventions. The strategic conference is originally scheduled for May but is likely to be postponed due to the coronavirus and travel restrictions. We will keep you posted!

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