The Caucasus: the birthplace of wine making! 

December 16, 2019

In the first half of December, Warner visited Georgia to train 20 highly motivated professionals in export quality management for wine from the Caucasus.

The birthplace of winemaking

The countries of the South Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, are home to numerous vineyards and winemaking companies. Many people claim it is the birthplace of winemaking. For example, Georgians have been making wine in buried clay jars for at least 8,000 years, with hundreds of indigenous varietals. Armenian wine was famous even among the Ancient Greeks – Herodotus wrote about it, and Xenophon’s army drank it! Today, however, wine from this region is not well known in Europe. But given this beautiful history and the rare and fascinating grapes used there should be great potential. We can’t wait to promote these wines in Europe. But first things first. Quality check! B2B Market researchCool businessOn the roadStrategy developmentTraining & Coaching


Girda Safitri

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