Outsourcing opportunity: big data is still big

December 9, 2019

Recently, Globally Cool conducted a market intelligence study for CBI on outsourcing. As we dived into the world of IT and services we came across some interesting and current opportunities that we are happy to share.

An increasing number of European companies continue to adopt big data services in an attempt to maximise the benefits associated with the big data revolution. It should come as no surprise, then, that the data market is growing at a rate of 16% annually and is expected to exceed €107 billion in 2020.

As the internet of things is on the rise, machine learning and artificial intelligence keep developing and the potential of 5G becomes clearer, it is expected that the number of people and consumers using internet and online devices will keep growing and that data volumes will continue to increase. This all means that the full potential of big data is yet to be unleashed and that the future is promising for services and tools that are able to collect, process and analyse data.

Mariët Saakstra

Experience in and with emerging markets

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