A little bait catches a large fish: fostering the Senegalese fisheries sector

December 2, 2019

Being one of the most important economic contributors in Senegal, the fishery sector is wishing to increase export to Europe. In collaboration with CBI Globally Cool went to Dakar this November to start building strategic dialogues with the main objective to sustainably increase exports of the Senegalese fishery sector.

Prioritizing constraints
With a coastline of 531 km the West African country fits to the actuality that fishery is an extremely important source of income for coastal areas in developing countries. In order to assist the sector in increasing exports to the European market, team members Joost and Valeria had a week full of meetings with representatives of the Government and the private sector. All to get a better understanding of the potential of the sector and to prioritize the constraints that need to be solved.

Pro-Pêche Sénégal: online and offline community
As part of the CBI program, Globally Cool is invited to strengthen the collaboration within the fishery value chain. Together with a local community manager, we started an online community called ‘Pro-Pêche Sénégal’ to make this happen. From fishermen to sales managers as well as researchers and fish traders: all are welcome to share and discus current topics using a Facebook group and WhatsApp platforms.

The community is rapidly growing and addresses major obstacles in the value chain such as overexploitation, lack of sustainable practices, little availability of market information and limited promotion of the country and fisheries sector in the EU. Already the members have met as part of an offline event. Facilitated by a CBI sector expert, the members explored EU market trends and opportunities and continued the discussions in the online community. Interested? You are welcome to join

What’s next
Meanwhile, a Public Private Partnership (PPP) platform has been established to enhance proactive dialogue among the sector. The growing European market offers great opportunities for the Senegalese fishery products. Therefore, to ensure coherent development and promotion of the sector, the platform is working on a Strategic Export Marketing Plan for the upcoming months. It will be the strategic guidance for all stakeholders to grow in the European market. 

To the tradeshow!
Next year a group of fishery companies from Senegal will participate in the Seafood Expo Global Exhibition (Brussels, 21st until 23rd of April 2020). So save the date!

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