Get visible! 25 Jordanian exporters on the road to successful online presence

Nov 5, 2019

Get visible! 25 Jordanian exporters on the road to successful online presence

Nov 5, 2019

Having a strong online presence, supports your business in many ways. First and foremost, it is the cornerstone of your inbound marketing, and helps to establish authority and convert visitors and followers into customers. In order to help Jordanian businesses to optimize their website and social media performance, team members Onno Roukens and Girda Safitri went on a workshop mission to Amman. During the two day workshop, organized in association with Jordan Chamber of Industry (supported by ILO), they shared key success factors, good practices and quick wins with a big group of exporters.

Adding value

Next to identifying quick wins for their digital marketing strategy to the European market, all companies prepared a short-term and long-term action plan. A very tangible and valuable outcome. The action plan is based on their findings and learnings during the workshop. An extra value adding point that Globally Cool provided, was the 1-on-1 coaching and consultancy session that  each company got during the programme. During these meetings we dug deeper into the Unique Value Propositions of each company and formulated a more detailed digital marketing plan to reach their potential European B2B clients.

Aha! Moment

Eager to learn on how to enhance their online marketing capabilities, the businesses in industrial plastics, dead sea cosmetics and the fertilizer sectors were learning loads about how to increase their company’s online visibility and on how to generate more business leads.

The most interesting part of the workshop was when the companies had to formulate their Unique Value Propositions (UVPs). What makes them stand out from their competitors? It is often overlooked, but the UVP is the key element around which the digital marketing communication is built. Our learning session supports participants to identify their company’s UVPs from the buyer’s point of view. This outward-looking-in approach clearly helped the companies to determine in which areas they had to build their authority and claim credibility, to gain trust and trigger new prospects to contact them. During this engaging part of the workshop, the trainers found some interesting facts and had many ‘Aha! moments’ with the companies. #funfact: the oldest and first plastic manufacturer in the Middle East was one of the participants of the workshop!

Implement and win!

What makes this programme special is that The Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI) will give a USD 1,000 grant for the implementation of the action plan of at least two selected companies. Moreover, JCI is hiring a photographer to do a photoshoot at each of the 25 companies. These new photos will be used for the new websites, brochures and social media posts. Kudos to JCI!

The extra mile

The coaching isn’t ending there, just yet. After the two day workshop, 1-on-1 coaching sessions and support on 25 action plans, our Globally Cool team is going the extra mile by doing distant coaching with all 25 Jordanian companies. Time differences and technological issues won’t bother us in following up and checking-in on how each company is progressing, to ensure that their first steps in export to Europe are successful. We are confident that fruitful result for the Jordanian exporters will blossom in the near future.

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