247 km and 213 meetings covered: The Anuga fair with Azerbaijani and Armenian companies

Oct 25, 2019

247 km and 213 meetings covered: The Anuga fair with Azerbaijani and Armenian companies

Oct 25, 2019

At the leading food fair Anuga in Cologne, Globally Cool led a visitor and matchmaking tour of Azerbaijani and Armenian companies for the International Trade Centre (ITC). For five days, team members Warner, Valeria and Wietske took eleven businesses under their wings and guided them into the world of European trade.

The focus branches of these Azerbaijani and Armenian entrepreneurs are honey, fruits, vegetables, herbal teas, jams and preparations. Each of them came to Anuga with a specific target. From retrieving information about European buyer requirements and certifications needed, to finding out how products need to be packaged and meeting with potential European importers.

72 short listed companies

In order to jump-start at Anuga, Globally Cool’s international trade consultants prepared a short list of 72 companies to meet at the trade fair. All of them businesses with valuable information on the topics of interest. After five days, all shorted listed companies had been met. Sum total? 213 meetings between the companies and potential European importers.

75 key insights collected, 1235 min of information exchange

Together with the five Azerbaijani companies we have gathered over 75 keys insights during the meetings at Anuga. To top things off, Warner led the tour to some German supermarkets to get inspired by some good practices on the shelves and check if the group could spot some Azerbaijani products. Eventually they did find jam and tomato paste from their home country.

Five days and 247 km further

The common goal of the visitor tour was to share information, inspire the participants and meet potential importers. This was well achieved. The companies went home with newfound knowledge and insights that can help them with entering the European market. Some even succeeded in dotting down fresh orders from new clients. And while the companies are now actively following up their new business contacts, we will rest our feet for a day… or two.

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