Elevate Branding and Online Marketing Strategy of Fritom Group

September 16, 2019

The Fritom Group is a close-knit family business where job satisfaction, safety and taking good care of the client’s goods are paramount. The out of 7 logistics service providers consisting company has been growing enormously within recent years and is one of the largest logistics players on the Dutch market. Currently the Fritom Group is at the forefront of innovation in the logistics sector.

We are excited, as a Dutch company ourselves, to have the opportunity to collaborate with this champion in logistic sectors. Therefore, we are a proud partner of the Fritom Group in elevating their branding and online marketing strategy in human resourcing new talents to joining in Fritom’s big family.


Elevating branding and marketing strategies
In doing so, our Globally Cool all-star team is the Fritom Group’s partner in the branding and marketing of these still on-going projects:

  • Elevating the group’s branding as employers to find new talents, by setting up multiple websites
  • Managing the project to launch appealing B2B sales-focused websites: launching in 2020

In addition, our team will be joining force with Fritom’s marketing team in developing content for stories, social media strategies and workshops for the companies of the group.

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