Capacity Building on Identification of Untapped Opportunities

Aug 15, 2019

Capacity Building on Identification of Untapped Opportunities

Aug 15, 2019

Since more than 15 years we have built market intelligence capacity in trade promotion organizations in more 35 emerging markets. Our training and coaching help you to develop or improve your market information services, based on best practices and practical methodologies. We strengthen your team’s research skills, analysis and processing of information, packaging and dissemination of information to meet high levels of customer satisfaction. Not in the least, we support you to make a market information service a sustainable service.

A few months ago, The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) requested Globally Cool to provide assistance to BSO Association of Exporters (ADEX) and co-create one template and one market lead study on untapped export opportunities for processed foods. As such SIPPO is currently supporting the processed food sector in Peru, as well as ADEX to improve their export promotion services towards export ready companies within Peru.

Developing Product & Market Reports

In doing so, our Globally Cool all-star team were involved in these activities:

  • Guided ADEX in acquiring specific knowledge and techniques on sourcing and processing of relevant market information.
  • Provided ADEX with technical assistance and coaching to define a methodology and guideline for future market analysis to prepare accurate market studies in the future.

In addition, Globally Cool conducted technical advice to identify market trends and train experts in interview techniques, combining quantitative and qualitative methods to guide Peruvian exporters.

These efforts resulting in the development of the study “Exporting fruit and vegetable juices to Germany” which consists of:

  • step-by-step manual and guidelines for internal use within Adex on how to use ITC’s tools such as Export Potential Map
  • An overview of relevant web-based sources to be used for future research.
  • A step-by-step guide on how to find stakeholders, buyers and associations in the EU through LinkedIn/Google and how to approach them effectively.
  • A manual on how to build an animation video.
  • A lead market report that serves as model for future reports.
  • ADEX’ MI team successfully coached in producing product/market reports themselves.

We’re proud and happy to be involved in this project and looking forward to more collaborations to come!

Experience in and with emerging markets

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