Dutch Food Processing Equipment Supplier Kiremko BV Supports Growth of Egypt’s Engineering Exporters

July 25, 2019

Globally Cool had the privilege of arranging a visit to Kiremko B.V. together with a delegation from the Engineering Export Council Egypt (EECE).

The visit was organized as part of the ‘Egypt Exports through Product Innovation’ project (EEPI) funded by the European Union.

Throughout the visit Kiremko B.V. took the time to provide information regarding their:

  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Technical Innovation
  • Quality standards
  • International collaboration
  • Lean production processes, and much more

We, from Globally Cool, would like to thank Kiremko B.V. for their time and willingness to contribute to International Industry developments. The input provided by Kiremko B.V. and the insights received by EECE will be useful in bringing Egypt’s Engineering Products to a next level.

Export Market Intelligence Training

Apart from the fruitful visit to Kiremko B.V., Globally Cool hosted the delegation throughout the rest of the week and delivered workshops and training at the Globally Cool office in Leeuwarden. Components of the program included:

  • Applying extensive Market Intelligence Tools
  • Creating powerful (digital) visuals
  • Qualitative analysis skills
  • Dissemination Techniques
  • Digital Strategies

We enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm shown throughout the week but were also very impressed by the EECE’s extensive knowledge and willingness to learn new tools. We hope they enjoyed the week as much as we did and we look forward to collaborating with the EECE in the future.

Girda Safitri

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