Training of Trainers in Cairo – Digital marketing for export markets to higher levels

Jun 28, 2019

Training of Trainers in Cairo – Digital marketing for export markets to higher levels

Jun 28, 2019

Egypt is a leading exporter of fresh and processed agricultural products, but there is still ample room for growth. Together with the German Import Promotion Desk (IPD), GIZ in Egypt and the Egyptian Foreign Trade Training Centre (FTTC), Globally Cool is executing a programme to unleash the potential. One of the key components of the programme is to enhance knowledge and skills of Egyptian exporters. We do so by introducing new curricula, innovative teaching methods and practical cases at the FTTC and executing a train the trainer programme

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Digital marketing is one of the topics on which we focus in the train the trainer programme. In three sessions we work with 8 Egyptian trainers on digital marketing knowledge and skills and training methodologies. This week, we covered website optimization for converting visitors. Search engine optimization techniques will be dealt with in July and Social media and email marketing is planned for September. FTTC will implement the new course, delivered by the new trainers, already in October.

“The sessions were great, interactive & fruitful, I enjoyed it a lot, a unique chance to gain Hands-on knowledge about the topic, was a great experience, Thank you Joost & Alfons!”
Hoda Nofal,Business Development Specialist Egypt


“This was an extremely valuable training.
In one word: excellent
Moustafa Megahed,Digital Marketing Manager,Toyota,Egypt


Egyptian Roast

The trainers are all experienced in international business and digital marketing but fully enjoyed the training. Not only because they loaded themselves with new knowledge and training methodologies, they also had fun ‘roasting’ each other during the role plays. They showed no mercy exposing their fellow trainers to nasty challenges during the practice sessions.

Wonderful to work with these professionals who seamlessly blend serious learning with fun. A true privilege. Looking forward to return to Cairo and conduct the second session. Can’t wait.

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