The Sialkot Surgical Valley Dream

June 8, 2019

Sialkot, the home of Specialists in surgical instrument Innovation. The place where Adaptability and adoption of new Learning, based on a legacy of incomparable Knowledge, prevails, and with a culture that is Open and organized, and where Transformation and trust in creating our future are paramount.

Surgical Instrument Innovation

Since May 2018, Globally Cool has partnered with UNIDO to help the Punjab Small Industries Cooperation (PSIC) making the dream above come true! Technical assistance to the surgical instruments sector in Sialkot takes place through the Cluster Development Initiative (CDI). The purpose of the CDI is to create an enabling environment for growth and prosperity of industries, to create a better quality of life through economic upliftment in Punjab and to upgrade technology and enhance productivity, quality, and profitability.

Tailor-made Export Marketing Plan

After the ‘kick-off’ awareness-raising workshop in July 2018, more than 60 companies showing interest in the program. Later in October 2018, these companies received training on export marketing from Globally Cool’s international marketing consultant, Warner Uiterwijk, and our networking partner, Peter Hurst. Virtually all the companies received a personal consultation after which they compiled their own export marketing plan based on a tailor-made template. Through the training on market selection, export strategies, and along with a range of ‘cool’ intelligence reports, there are 30 of the companies succeeded in delivering sophisticated export plans. The cool intelligence reports are dedicated to surgical, dental, veterinarian and beauty-care instrument markets worldwide.

For these 30 companies, the journey has only just begun. Next activities are being drafted as we speak. These companies are not only eager to explore the world markets but have also shown commitment to collaboration with each other, instead of competing and driving down prices. They believe that collaboration is the new competitive edge in Sialkot Surgical Valley and for them to successfully develop new markets. The future of Sialkot is going to be ‘cool’, and Globally Cool is proud to be part of it!

Girda Safitri

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