Cool Workshop at Curacao National Export Awareness Week

May 27, 2019

Globally Cool went to catch a tan in the hustling and bustling Caribbean! While looking over the Sint Annabaai from our hotel terrace and glaring at the vibrant colours of the buildings on the Handelskade in Curacao, we prepared a series of inspiring, enlightening and eye-opening international trade presentations.

What for?

Globally Cool had the privilege of receiving an invitation from the Curaçao Ministry of Economic Development to provide workshops throughout their National Export Awareness Week (NEAW) on 18 – 24 May 2019. Of course, we couldn’t refuse.

What is the National Export Awareness Week?

The NEAW is a platform that seeks to increase awareness of and showcase Curacao’s export potential. It encourages current and potential exporters to initiate and enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities through innovation and collaboration. This year’s theme was “Curacao Export Nation: Unleashing the export potential of Curacao”. The export awareness week will be organized every year in the third week of May to keep the focus on the progress of this important economic development strategy.

Girda Safitri

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