2018 in review: our market intelligence on outsourcing IT & business processes

Feb 6, 2019

2018 in review: our market intelligence on outsourcing IT & business processes

Feb 6, 2019

Next up in our overview of our 2018 market intelligence is: outsourcing!

The outsourcing sector

Our extensive portfolio on providing outsourcing services to European buyers supports suppliers (from developing countries) who would like to enter the European market.

It provides you with up-to-date information and concrete tips on:

  • trends – we discuss key trends on the European outsourcing market, like the rise of modern technologies and Europe’s continuing IT skills shortage
  • buyer requirements – this study contains a comprehensive list of legal and non-legal requirements that outsourcing suppliers must comply with on the European market
  • competition – this analysis of the competitive landscape on the European outsourcing market includes opportunities, barriers and power dynamics, as well as potential rivals and substitutes
  • market channels and segments – we review the key channels and segments that offer opportunities on the European outsourcng market

A particularly interesting development we included is Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect on May 25th 2018. To protect European citizens from privacy and data breaches, the GDPR applies to all companies processing personal data of European subjects, regardless of the company’s location.

IT and business process outsourcing

Our research on the outsourcing of specific IT services and business processes also covers trends, buyer requirements, competition, market channels and segments. In addition, this product-specific intelligence includes an extensive product description, relevant statistics and price information.

In 2018, we upgraded our market intelligence on:

We also created new market intelligence on:

Stay tuned for the next edition of our “2018 in review”-series: apparel!

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