2018 in review: our market intelligence on tourism

Dec 14, 2018

2018 in review: our market intelligence on tourism

Dec 14, 2018

Next in our series of 2018 market intelligence recaps is: tourism!

The tourism sector

Our extensive portfolio on attracting European tourists supports suppliers (from developing countries) who would like to enter the European market.

It provides you with up-to-date information and concrete tips on:

  • trends – we discuss key trends on the European tourism market, like the increasing interest in authentic, personalised and sustainable travel
  • buyer requirements – this study contains a comprehensive list of legal and non-legal requirements that tourism suppliers must comply with on the European market
  • tourism statistics – we analyse the demand from Europe and its individual countries, as well as the performance of developing country destinations
  • competition – this analysis of the competitive landscape on the European tourism market includes opportunities, barriers and power dynamics, as well as potential rivals and substitutes
  • market channels and segments – we review the key channels and segments that offer opportunities on the European travel market

In addition, our study on supplier codes of conduct illustrates how European tourism buyers list their requirements in contracts.

Package Travel Directive

A key new study we put together in 2018 is our analysis of the new European Package Travel Directive. This legislation came into force in July 2018, to ensure European travellers’ rights when booking package holidays. In this study, we explore how the new Directive affects the non-European tourism suppliers we are trying to support.

Tourism segments

Our research on specific tourism segments also covers trends, buyer requirements, tourism statistics, competition, market channels and segments. In addition, this product-specific intelligence includes an extensive product description and price information.

In 2018, we upgraded our market intelligence on:

We also upgraded our study about tourism from Europe to recovering destinations.

Traveller groups

In addition to popular tourism segments, we analysed key traveller groups:


To support tourism suppliers in dealing with common issues in the industry, we updated our How-to’s with concrete tips on:

Stay tuned for the next edition of our “2018 in review”-series: fish & seafood!

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