2018 in review: our market intelligence recap

December 13, 2018

With 2019 just around the corner, this is the perfect occasion to give you an overview of the market intelligence studies we have produced in 2018!

For CBI, we research the opportunities on the European market for suppliers from developing countries. We cover various sectors, ranging from tourism, to agricultural products, to IT.

Home decoration and home textiles (HDHT)

The first blog discusses our market intelligence on home decoration and home textiles (HDHT).

We cover European sector-wide trends, buyer requirements, competition and market channels & segments. In addition to these topics, our product-specific intelligence includes an extensive product description, trade statistics and price information.

A particular highlight is our new study on the European market for HDHT products from Bangladesh, Ghana and Indonesia.


In our second blog, we give you an overview of our updated tourism research portfolio.

Our general tourism intelligence covers European sector-wide trends, buyer requirements, tourism statistics, competition and market channels & segments. Our product-specific research elaborates on these topics and includes an extensive product description and price information.

A key new tourism study we put together in 2018 is our analysis of the new European Package Travel Directive. In this study, we explore how the new Directive affects the non-European tourism suppliers we are trying to support.

Fish & Seafood

The third blog covers our market research on exporting fish & seafood to Europe. Our extensive portfolio provides you with up-to-date information and tips.

The research on specific fish & seafood products includes an extensive product description, trends, buyer requirements, trade statistics, market channels and price information.

Highlights include new analyses of carp and frozen crustaceans, as well as an update of our study about organic seafood.

In the coming month we will update this article with the latest information and studies.


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