2018 in review: our market intelligence on home decoration and home textiles

December 13, 2018

Let’s start off our 2018 in review series with our latest insights into the field of home decoration and home textiles (HDHT)!

The home decoration and home textiles sector

Our extensive portfolio on exporting HDHT products to Europe supports suppliers (from developing countries) who would like to enter the European market.

It provides you with up-to-date information and concrete tips on:

  • trends – we discuss key trends on the European HDHT market, like the increasing interest in sustainability and the story behind the product
  • buyer requirements – this study contains a comprehensive list of legal and non-legal requirements that products for the European HDHT market should comply with
  • competition – these are individual analyses of the competitive landscape on the European home decoration market and home textile market
  • market channels and segments – we review the key channels and segments that offer opportunities on the European home decoration market and home textile market

We also cover these topics in our research on specific HDHT products. In addition, this product-specific intelligence includes an extensive product description, trade statistics and price information.

Home decoration products

In 2018, we upgraded our home decoration market intelligence on:

We also created a new study about pet furniture.

Home textiles

For home textiles, we upgraded our market intelligence on:

European market study for Bangladesh, Ghana and Indonesia

This summer, we explored the European market for home decoration and home textiles (HDHT) from Bangladesh, Ghana and Indonesia. The study provides insights into the European market side of CBI’s HDHT value chain analysis for these countries.

Stay tuned for the next edition of our “2018 in review”-series: tourism!

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