The European market for home decoration and home textiles from Bangladesh, Ghana and Indonesia

September 22, 2018

This summer, we explored the European market for home decoration and home textiles (HDHT) from Bangladesh, Ghana and Indonesia The study provides insights into the European market side of CBI’s HDHT value chain analysis for these countries.


To explore key elements like European buyer requirements and demand, we performed desk research and primary research. For the desk research, we used sources such as our existing CBI HDHT market intelligence, as well as ITC’s Trademap and Export Potential Map. Our primary research consisted of extensive interviews with HDHT sector experts and European importers with experience in one or more of the source countries.


We selected the following promising product groups per country, with a focus on handmade products of natural and/or recycled materials:


  • basketry
  • rugs and mats
  • decorative home textiles
  • shopping bags and totes


  • basketry
  • wooden home accessories
  • home accessories made of other materials


  • small wooden and rattan furniture
  • basketry
  • cushion covers and throws

Read our study of the European market for HDHT from Bangladesh, Ghana and Indonesia for detailed insights, including the European market structure, demand, prices, requirements, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and unique selling points (USPs). In addition, the study discusses opportunities, obstacles and possible interventions.

More HDHT market intelligence?

For more HDHT market intelligence, check out our CBI portfolio on exporting home decoration and home textiles to Europe. This provides you with up-to-date information on for example trends and buyer requirements, as well as specific product groups like basketryhandwoven rugs and occasional furniture.

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