Building a new Portal: the Nigerian perspective

August 21, 2018

Globally Cool experts Lars & Onno worked extensively together with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) during recent months. The mission was clear: develop a new Trade Information Portal. After hard work, part one of the program is finished: the Exporter Portal is up and running. How did NEPC experience the project so far? We asked NEPCs Portal-team manager Estelle Igwe and team member Moboni Luguja.

Learning, learning, learning

Moboni: “Our skills and knowledge grew enormously during this program. From web writing skills to basic website programming (getting to know WordPress). For myself, creating market reports was one of the most enjoyable and insightful things to do. We know how to use different market analysis tools in analysing market potential for Nigerian products now. But at least as important: we learned how to present this properly to exporters. Both by developing one-pager reports and via video animations!”

Teamwork creating collaborative spirit

Moboni: “I have been working in the council for over six years, but especially during this program I learned a lot from other teams. Since the first day we had to really work together as a team. Involving people from all different departments.”

Estelle completely agrees and adds: “I appreciated the fact there was need for collaboration and working as a team. It is always mentioned that we are a team, but during the Portal development we actually really did work together as one full team. This contributed hugely to the success of our new Trade Information Portal.”


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