Travel trends at the Vakantiebeurs 2018

January 11, 2018

At the Vakantiebeurs, Globally Cool keeps up-to-date with the latest travel trends and developments. During the Trade Days we combine our visit to the exhibition with inspiring presentations.

We’ll share some of this year’s key takeaways with you!

The Dutch travel market: trends and expectations for 2018

NBTC-NIPO Research presented their analysis of the Dutch travel market, revealing it continues to grow. In 2017 the number of holidays reached 36.7 million, due to a 7% increase in trips abroad. Spending on these types of holidays showed an even stronger growth of 9%. This indicates that Dutch travellers not only travel abroad more, but also spend more per trip.

The main Dutch travel trends NTBC-NIPO Research predicts are:

  • short trips, also abroad
  • DIY booking
  • mobile internet
  • social travelling
  • senior travellers
  • luxury travel
  • long-haul travel

These trends are a great match with our tourism market research for CBI. For example, check out our studies on senior travel and luxury tourism.

Travel trends 2018: purpose travel

For 2018, Cherry LAB’s Tessa aan de Stegge forecast the following travel trends:

  • sunny & safe
  • instant
  • bohemian
  • people2people
  • nature & fit
  • purpose

According to Tessa, the main trend for 2018 is purpose travel: travel as a force for good. Initiatives like CO2 compensation and responsible sustainable tours and activities are increasingly popular.

For more information on tourism that suits these trends perfectly, read our studies on for instance community based tourism, nature and eco tourism, rural tourism and cultural tourism.

Digital trends and transformation in the travel industry

Nick Hall from the Digital Tourism Think Tank discussed how digital developments disrupt the traditional funnel in the travel industry.

There are 3 key paradigm shifts:

  1. the traditional visitor cycle no longer exists
  2. the ‘always-on’ consumer now sets the terms
  3. tech is driving the experience economy

Nick recommends to “keep your customer at the heart of your strategy” throughout the process. Through online reviews, the experience of your current customer influences the decisions of your potential new customers.

To get you started on your digital journey, we give you 10 tips for online success and 10 tips for travel blogging.

Carine Matser

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