Bahamas Trade Portal – Becoming national news!

August 15, 2017

Commissioned by the International Trade Center (ITC), we developed a brand new trade portal for The Bahamas. After 9 months of hard work, including:

  • training local staff
  • developing content
  • designing and programming a full web portal
  • collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce / Ministry of Financial Services

The end result is something we certainly are proud of.

A thought shared by the Bahamian authorities. As the ministry acknowledged the necessity of diversification in the economy and stimulating global trade, investing in this new trade portal was an absolute success. During the launch of Bahamas Trade Portal, the Bahamian national press made this cool reportage (source: ZNS Network):

The Bahamas Trade Portal contains golden information for Bahamian exporters:

  • Import and export procedures
  • Latest global trade news
  • Recent trade statistics
  • Most important upcoming events
  • An exporter toolkit

On the other hand, international buyers are served by the portal as well via:

  • Bahamas’ key product information
  • Bahamas’ key service information
  • A ‘find your supplier’-search tool
  • Information about doing business in Bahamas

Want to check it out for yourself:


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