From market survey to IPO… It’s true!

Mar 20, 2017

From market survey to IPO… It’s true!

Mar 20, 2017

A technological breakthrough that will make many small boats great again

Any idea what these figures are about? Read on and you will find the answer!

You will recognise this for sure… wondering what happened to a person you haven’t seen in years…

Is there a market potential for my revolutionary engines, guys?

In 2011 Globally Cool met an enthusiastic Swedish entrepreneur. With a great plan: to develop and commercialise the world’s first high performance diesel outboard engine. Globally Cool conducted a global market survey to estimate the market potential for this breakthrough marine propulsion system.

Was it an easy job? Definitely not! We had to find our way to the heavy users of high performance outboard engines. Think of the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. Finding the right people was a severe challenge. Getting the right answers even more so. In the end we managed to talk to more than 20 decision makers in the small boats industry all over the world.

Extremely good opportunities

The Globally Cool survey lead us to the following conclusion in January 2012…

“The consultation with several decision makers in the marine industry has shown a great interest for the diesel outboard engine. Based on the discussions and interviews we can even say that there are extremely good opportunities for the diesel outboard engine.”

Five years later

So what happened since then? In Dutch we call this the ‘bacon question’. 🙂

A short chronology:

  • 2012: development of the engine starts.
  • 2014: prototype testing of the “OXE Diesel outboard engine”. With 2015 approaching, the year in which the removal of gasoline from NATO operations is planned, it means the end for the traditional gasoline outboard engines. At least, in theory, because there is still no viable alternative…
  • 2016: First OXE diesel outboard enters service.
  • 2017: IPO planned to ramp up production in order to meet the booming demand for the OXE.

It’s great. It’s true…

So, yes, the diesel outboard engine is great. It is true. From Canada to the Philippines and from Greenland to Australia. It will make many small boats great again!

But whichever way you look at it, Canada is and will remain the country with the longest coastline in the world. And silver is for Indonesia, bronze for Greenland. Aren’t statistics great?

Experience in and with emerging markets

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