Promoting export from Ghana

February 24, 2017

To stimulate export from Ghana, Globally Cool is developing a trade information portal and market hub for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation UNIDO. We are also connecting the Ghana Export Promotion Authority GEPA to the local banking sector. This approach contributes to a long-term, sustainable solution via strategic partnerships and sponsoring.

Our all-round team can put its expertise to good use within this project:

  • Alfons and Joost – strategy development, trade promotion and trade information management, training & coaching
  • Herre – online marketing and WordPress development
  • Carine and Lars – market intelligence

What can this project do for Ghana’s export?

The trade information portal and market hub connects the Ghanaian business community to international markets. This is an ideal tool to raise awareness of potential markets and help companies grow their international business.

It focuses on Ghana’s key export sectors:

  • cocoa and related products
  • seafood
  • tropical fruits (banana, pineapple, mango)
  • wood
  • home decoration
  • fashion accessories
  • ICT services

The portal and hub supports Ghanaian exporters with:

  • trade information – market intelligence reports on export performance, competitors and potential markets
  • trade facilitation – information about rules, regulations, incentives, etc.
  • exporter toolkit – manuals, guides, self assessments, etc.
  • trade news and events

One of the elements we introduce to disseminate market intelligence in a user friendly way is by means of multimedia animations. Identification of potential markets in 60 seconds!

For example, this animation on the market for Ghanaian papaya:

For foreign buyers, it provides:

  • reasons to source from Ghana
  • sector profiles
  • exporter directory
  • trade news and events
  • information on the business climate, incentives, etc.

“The market hub and new online tools are going to be a game changer!”
Emmanuel Quao, GEPA Director of International Projects

The Ghana trade information portal is scheduled for launch in May 2017.
Interested in a portal for your region or sector? Contact us!

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