Developing a groundbreaking trade information portal for The Bahamas

February 22, 2017

In November 2016, the International Trade Centre ITC asked Globally Cool to develop a trade information portal for The Bahamas. This project could benefit greatly from a combination of our in-house expertise in strategy development, online marketing and market intelligence.

Together with The Bahamas Ministry of Financial Services and Chamber of Commerce and Employers’ Confederation we quickly got to work!

Over a period of 4 months, we travelled to The Bahamas 4 times to:

  • conduct stakeholder meetings and strategic sessions
  • develop the concept and scope of the portal
  • design and develop the portal
  • develop market report templates
  • conduct content management training and coaching sessions
  • present the portal to the Cabinet of The Bahamas, including plans to enhance the portal and add an ecommerce module

Mr Martin Lopez, ITC project manager was quoted in the Tribune 242 paper: “This will be a groundbreaking resource for The Bahamas, something that will make The Bahamas one of the forerunners in terms of business development and business support to companies interested in export.”


Carine Matser

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