Workshop: Boost your online performance in the tourism industry

December 13, 2016

On Monday, December the 12th, Alfons and Herre conducted 2 mini-workshops for more than 70 entrepreneurs in the tourism sector in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

The Frisian Regional Promotion Organisation called ‘Merk Fryslân’ invited Globally Cool, together with Peter Dekker from Cinnamon Interactive to conduct these workshops. The workshops were held in the Abe Lenstra Football stadium in Heerenveen as part of a Recreation Congress.

The Congress focused on engaging the Frisian Tourism Sector in view of the expected surge in tourism arrivals in connection with Leeuwarden – the capital city of Friesland – being appointed as Cultural Capital City in 2018.

In order to benefit from the increase in visitors, many of the current websites and online marketing activities of the tourism actors in the province need a boost. Some of the weaknesses we observed:

  1. Most of the websites aren’t mobile friendly
  2. Website content is often only provided in Dutch language
  3. Calls-to-action such as booking and reservations are missing
  4. Search engine marketing, review websites and social media not optimized
  5. Story telling and blogging hardly used

In the workshops, we were able to interact with the participants about these issues through a quiz and interactive presentation. We were very pleased with the active engagement and delighted that the hard data, good practices and tips were well received.

As one of the participants of a boat rental company mentioned: “Thanks for the valuable tips. You really confirmed I have to get active with blogging. There is a world to win…”

We are looking forward to continue coaching these entrepreneurs and take them to the next level and improve their online business results.


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