A visit to the Digital Workshop

December 13, 2016

Hendrika participated at the Digital Workshop (by Google, Qredits and Gemeente Leeuwarden) and wrote a summary about some interesting learning points.

Did you know that … You check your phone for an average of 150 times a day?

Did you know that … Globally, every hour 2,000,000 smart phones are activated?

This while 17 years ago we thought we wouldn’t need a mobile phone at all!

The use of the smart phone is growing rapidly! People arrange more and more through their phones, from vacations to buying stuff. So it is extremely important that your company website is smart phone proof!

The page must be loaded within 3 seconds and it should be clear in one glance for the visitor what you are offering. It ’s also important that customers can find you / your website. For example thhis can be done by being active on social media. But you can also ask the question; what does my target audience want to know? Try to give answers to these questions on your website by using a newsletter or blog! Search phrases used by people at Google are often formulated in questions. So try to prepared yourself by having an answer ready.

How to increase brand awareness of your business?
First, consider what makes you different from your competitor.
What is it that your company stands for and why would they buy the product or service from you?
Formulate this in a powerful message, and choose the power of repetition!

Mention your company name, and ask for feedback, to check whether you have been clear to whom you are looking for and if it’s cleat what you exactly do. Ask questions; Would it be something for you? Do you know someone for whom this could be interesting? Potential clients also want to know the results they experience after using your product or service. Tell it with energy, enthusiasm and passion … So you build a well-known name that clearly stands for something!

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