Long Tail keywords – Improve your SEO!

June 10, 2016

SEO TIP number one: Find your Search Terms!

So you want to rank higher in Google and attract the right visitors to your website? Great, let’s talk about Long tail keywords!

What are Long Tail Keywords

Well, it’s common that people use search engines for different reasons such as searching for information, help or guidance. They translate their ‘’need’’ into words (or keywords in Search Engine Optimisation terms). You probably also used the Google search to find more information about a topic. For example, to find and buy new clothes online. Instead of typing one keyword in Google like ”clothes”, people nowadays quite often use longer and extensive keywords. In this case, phrases like ”Italian men pants large size”.

Common mistake regarding Search Terms

Imagine you need a handyman for fixing your broken washing machine. You can use Google to find a local handyman to solve this problem. If you would type in Google search: ‘’Handyman” you’ll get numerous search results. These results however are not specific enough for your ‘’need’’. For Google, it’s quite hard to understand your ‘’need’’ or intentions in this case. Are you searching for a handyman as in someone that can clean and fix stuff or do you want information about the profession itself? In this case, Google basically displays everything there’s to tell about handyman as in profession, history, payments, services etc.

In this example, you’re searching for a real handyman to fix the washing machine. So you start scrolling trough all the search results. Finally, after minutes reading and scrolling, you find a handyman company. You’ll click on the provided link and get on the homepage of the company’s website. Then, when you feel satisfied with the services they offer, you want to make an appointment. At the contact page you read that the company is located in Europe while you live in the United States…that’s unfortunate!

In this particular case, there is no practical logic that you ship a handyman from Europe to the United States to fix your machine… So you’ll close the company’s website and start scrolling again for another handyman…

The important lesson from the example above is that not every search result is relevant to your need! Search engines describe long tail keywords in this case that the searcher should search for: Cheap and experienced handyman in Montgomery, Alabama. The provided search results from this search term will be quite more detailed and specific. It’s almost guaranteed that these search results will get you handymen in Montgomery, Alabama.

Screen Shot SEO example

With this practical example, you should understand that Long Tail keywords could provide people with highly relevant search results.

Herre Visser

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