Get to know our team member – Mathijs de Jong

April 29, 2016

Mathijs joined the Globally Cool team in 2015 as junior IT consultant. After six months of employment it’s time to introduce himself!

Who am I

As a young boy, I started being fascinated by the endless possibilities of the internet. Started participating in website development and online content as a teenager, being actively in the online world felt as an obtained hobby for me. With zero experience in website development I managed to learn the necessary skills to create websites on my own spending hours in reading, learning and quite often failing in the process.

My biggest motivation? The returning dream to earn billions with my ‘’out of the world’’ conceived website! Unfortunately, I haven’t succeeded yet…

Globally Cool

After finishing college I choose to continue school education in the ICT field. My current education, Business IT & Management, connects my long-run hobby into a well-rated and highly asked education. I chose to follow my new education in part-time so I would have enough possibilities and time to gain experience in a job in the ICT field. I came across Globally Cool’s job request and decided to apply for the job. Despite calling my first day off due sickness I originally started working at this online marketing office October the 10th 2015.

At this moment, my core business is to support our SEO and Internet specialist Herre Visser in a wide range of activities. These activities include website development support, website monitoring and data analyzing, but also supporting and training entrepreneurs to be able to conduct several online activities themselves.

To guide entrepreneurs in conducting activities on their own I write manuals about for instance, how to use WordPress or applications like MailChimp. With the written manual as starting point, I use programs like Skype and Teamviewer to guide entrepreneurs trough the various steps and help them if they got stuck. Besides being active on website support I also contribute to Globally Cool social media pages where I write and post informative articles about SEO techniques and online marketing strategies for our visitors (for free!).

During the past six months, I experienced Globally Cool as a but close and friendly group of people. Every colleague contributes to the project with his own field of expertise. This unique combination of people with different backgrounds and expertise is, I think the main reason why Globally Cool is loved by various groups of principals.

Herre Visser

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