Bali Branding: a flying visit

February 24, 2016

Cool Coach Alfons paid a flying visit to Bali last week. Since he was already ‘in the neighbourhood’ because of his trip to Myanmar, he paid a 30 hour visit to the major stakeholders in the Bali tourism industry.

Developing a destination marketing and branding campaign
Alfons’ visit was a part of a sustainable tourism development program executed by the Centre for the promotion of imports from developing countries ( Destination marketing and branding is part of this program. While originally the destination marketing and strategies were considered for the lesser known destinations that are in good reach from Bali, like East Kalimantan (Borneo), Flores, and Moluccas, it soon became clear that also Bali itself has a lot to gain from a targeted strategy and branding campaign.

Where Thailand received more than 25 million tourists in 2015, Indonesia, only reached some 9 million in the same year. About 4 million of which, visited Bali. For some European markets like Scandinavia and Switzerland the number of tourist visiting Bali compared to Thailand is only a small 7%. Even in the case of The Netherlands, which has historical relations with Indonesia, the number of Dutch tourists visiting Thailand is three times the number of tourists that visit Bali. Obviously, there is still a lot of potential to be tapped.

We believe that a well founded marketing and branding strategy can increase the number of visitors to Bali – the island of the gods – significantly. Especially when Bali is promoted together with the outer island in a Bali and beyond concept.

Empowering the stakeholders
During his short stop-over Alfons, had a strategic meeting with the organisers of the Bali and Beyond travel fair and the Bali Tourism Promotion Board. On top of that, he conducted a strategic conference with more than 90 decision makers of the Bali Hotel industry including general managers and sales and marketing managers of leading hotel chains like Grand Hyatt, Mövenpick and InterContinental. One of the goals of the session was to empower the stakeholders, and to show them the opportunities and the strategic directions to capture them. The result was widespread stakeholder support for the destination marketing and branding strategy that we have co-created with the Bali Tourism Promotion Board.

As Alfons said: “ it was really a flash visit, but definitely worth it. With these key players supporting our strategy, we are good to go. So, buckle up and get ready for more action”.

Marieke de Haan

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