5 ways to keep your tourism market knowledge sector up-to-date

July 8, 2015

As a tourism market researcher it is vital to dispose of the latest sector trends and developments. Cool researcher Andrea Duarte makes actively and passively use of several tools and sources to assure that her tourism market knowledge is up-to-date. Her top 5 of tools and sources are:

1. Knowledge sharing through network

Having a network is very important. Andrea has a broad network in the tourism sector that consists of several stakeholders such as tour operators, tourism associations, airlines and sector experts. Your network can help you gain insights into and share knowledge on market trends, developments and expectations, interpreting and analysing information, validating desk research and primary research and translating information into practical actions.


2. Consistent visits to trade events

Tourism trade events like ITB in Berlin, Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht and WTM in London are ideal places to take part in seminars and speak to tour operators, associations and sector experts. In this way you remain informed on the latest tourism trends and developments and their impact.

3. Online tourism information sources and e-newsletters

The internet offers a wide range of online information sources for the tourism sector. Examples are associations like the Adventure Travel Trade Association and the World Tourism Organisation, tourism portals and online communities like Tourism Review and TravelMole, leading tourism destinations websites such as Tourism Australia and Tourism Ireland and websites of large tour operators like TUI, Thomas Cook and Kuoni.


4. Trade magazines

Also trade magazines provide useful information on sector trends and developments. Examples of trade magazines in the EU tourism market are FVW (Germany), L’Echo Touristique (France), Trav Magazine (the Netherlands) and Travel Trade Gazette (UK).

5. Social media

Social media such as blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare and Twitter are excellent sources to gain market insights and come into contact with knowledgeable persons in the tourism sector.

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For whom .Private tourism sector such as tour operators, hotels and resorts, restaurants, travel agents, guides. .Destination Management Organisations (DMO’s) on national and regional level. .Other tourism stakeholders including government.

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