Tourism pioneers in South East Europe

April 22, 2015

A product development workshop with DMC entrepreneurs in Montenegro

Montenegro, a small country with an astonishingly beautiful nature at the Adriatic coast. Although tourists have been coming here for decades to visit the Mediterranean beaches, Montenegro as a tourist destination has been largely unexplored. Cool Tourism Solutions held a workshop with 10 enthusiastic DMC entrepreneurs in Montenegro.

The inland hosts an amazing natural landscape and warmhearted local people, but tourism is mainly focused along the coast. So, a lot of listening, asking questions and, together with the people from the field, work on a number of products. Competition seemed to fade soon as we determined that the point of gravity in marketing lies in the ‘unknown’ of the destination. But this also creates opportunities, since the European market is at driving distance!

Now that the problem-solution fits have been designed, the next step is further developing the marketing strategy. With these steps done, it should be possible to find sponsors and donors to cultivate this market!

Herre Visser

Globally Cool Tourism Solution

For whom .Private tourism sector such as tour operators, hotels and resorts, restaurants, travel agents, guides .Destination Management Organisations (DMO’s) on national and regional level. .Other tourism stakeholders including government.

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