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October 24, 2014

Tips based on Google`s recent SERP adjustments

Yea!! We have a new tourism destination portal, and it looks great! Just let the visitors keep on coming! But… how will they find us?

With the growth of the internet, the ability of tourism websites to be found online becomes increasingly important. 85% of preparations that tourists take for their trip is being done through online search engines these days. Even more reason to dive into the rules of the game of Google! In this article: the Title Tag. Earlier this year Google implemented a number of changes that influence the title tag.

Title tags (or title elements) give a definition of the title of a page. They show up as hyperlinked titels on search engine result pages (SERPs), and are therefore not only important for user experience but also for SEO. The redesign of Google`s SERP at the beginning of this year mainly has consequences for the SEO of title tags.

The most important changes summed up:

  • The font size of result titels has been increased
  • The amount of space that a character takes up is not fixed anymore. Letters like ‘m’ and ‘w’ will take up relatively more space, compared to an ‘i’ or ‘l’. However, Google does not publicly share the exact amount of space that is available
  • Because of the limited space that is left, the use of ALL CAPS will be put under more pressure, since this already takes up a lot of space (even before the changes)
  • Google highlights keywords in the title tag that match query keywords in bold, which leaves even less space with the larger font.

Next to that, Google cuts off the title tag and replaces the last three characters by “…”. Because of the already decreased space, this issue becomes even more important now.

Because Google does not share how much space is being used exactly for characters in the title tag, an exact recommendation on the number of characters to be used cannot be given. Research does show that 55 is an average limit for title tag length (instead of the old 77 characters). When keeping to 55, 1 out of every 20 title tags is being cut off by Google. Although you would rather prevent getting cut off, a cut off title tag is not the end of the world. Google still processes de words that come after the cut and also still takes these up in the rankings.

Finally, the most important title tag tips:

  1. The title tag should contain the name of the organisation and the most strategic keywords for which the target group searches
  2. The title tag contains around 55 characters, including spaces and punctuations
  3. The title tag is enticing
  4. The most important keywords come at the beginning of the title tag
  5. The title tag is suitable for serving as description of the text that shows up at the Favorites
  6. Every page of the website has its own unique title tag.

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