Memoirs of a team member – My first week at Globally Cool

September 15, 2014

After finishing my MSc program in International Business and Management at Groningen University in the Netherlands at the end of August, I joined the Globally Cool team first of September 2014. In my first week I have gotten to know both the company and its people better, and made a first start with my tasks within the organization. Lucky for me, the Dutch version of the “Pangasius – Your everyday fish” project was just being launched that week, so I could contribute to the operations right away. That first week, we launched the promotional website, and set up a social media campaign, to market pangasius as a sustainable premium fish product in the Netherlands.

Now that this project has been lifted off the ground, I am moving my focus to tourism, which is one of Globally Cool`s expertise sectors. Globally Cool has developed a fully integrated chain of Tourism Solutions, which range from strategy design to marketing support. The unique value proposition that lie at the base of these solutions is that the approach is mainly focused on Tourism Promotion organizations, as opposed to individual tour operators or tourism companies. My role within this business activity of Globally Cool will be focused on attracting new organizations, to find the right solutions to the challenges tourism promoters are facing. We just finished an initial infographic for Cool and Full Tourism Solutions, which can be found at
So far, I have gotten to know the Globally Cool team as a very open and dedicated group of people, who have helped me a lot to get going during my first weeks at work. Every day I learn so much from my colleagues, who have built up an enormous amount of experience through the years. I am looking forward to what comes next and help more and more companies to get globally cool!


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