50% increased sales with online payment innovation

September 8, 2014

Securing tourists with Cool online payment solution in Sri Lanka

The European online travel business is booming. Offering an online payment option to your customers ensures you are not left out of this dynamic market! Acme Travels – an incoming tour operator in Sri Lanka – designed and implemented its online payment module for its customers, with the help of Cool Tourism Solutions / Globally Cool.

Shan Samsudeen started Acme Travels in 1993, mainly serving the business-to-business segment. He got help from Cool Tourism Solutions through CBI’s Export Coaching Programme in 2009, with the ambition to serve the European business-to-consumer market. Using the Internet as the main marketing and sales platform, it was a challenge to find a safe and convenient online payment module:

“We used to ask customers to transfer the fee via bank transfer, but the bank would charge high service fees. It drove our customers away. We then tried PayPal, but it was not very convenient for us to collect the money, so that wasn’t an option either.”

Shan found the right module that is convenient for his customers to pay and for Acme Travels to collect the payment.


Boosting sales

Today, Shan sees faster booking confirmation and payment. To his delight, sales from the business-to-customers segment reached 50% of total sales, from less than 25% before the implementation of online payment option.

One of the things Shan learned is to avoid high value – low margin products. The integral risk of credit and online payment makes products that have high value but low margin unattractive, such as ticketing. Next to that he found that allowing customers to pay in their own currencies can be an attractive selling point. Acme Travels has two payment gateways for key currencies, namely USD and Euro.

Nearing the sustainable future

With full satisfaction, Acme Travels can now offer a convenient online payment module to its distant customers. Of course, a payment module alone is not the sole factor to success. Aiming to thrive on serving the business-to-customer segment, Shan tries to provide excellent travel service, which “leaves no chance for customers to complain”!

Herre Visser

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