MI support to West Africa fruits growers

March 13, 2014

Enhancement of fruits exports from Western Africa to Europe

CBI has started an integrated regional programme in the Fresh Fruits & Vegetables sector in Ghana, Senegal, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso and other markets. Its aim is to further increase exports of fresh and vegetables to the European market. The programme will last from 2012-2016 and targets (potential) exporters as well as Business Support Organizations in these markets.

Market Information a key pillar in export marketing

As part of this programme, CBI will support the Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) as well as the Sea Freight Pineapple Exports Group (SPEG) in Ghana in the area of market information (MI). In Senegal, similar support is planned towards Asepex in Dakar. Last year already, a first MI kick-off training was conducted in Ghana, as the video shows.

Cool pineapple and mango support

In September 2013, coach Joost van der Kooij was invited to start the first activities for this MI project. In Ghana, there will be a strong focus on the pineapple sector, whereas in Senegal we will work on and with the mango sector in particular.

Hands-on coaching, optimizing web based opportunities

In coaching these organizations, Joost aims to contribute to further enhancing the competitiveness of both sectors, including a further visibility towards European buyers. He will work with GEPA, SPEG and Asepex in the development and dissemination of customised, high added value and qualified market information. Joost’s activities consist of consultancy, hands-on coaching and training in the areas of:

  • Enhancing MI services of GEPA, SPEG and Asepex, incl development of best market selection models, product market factsheets, competitor analyses, supply side profiles and more)
  • Boosting resources, skills and tools, incl web based and primary research coaching.
  • Enhanced dissemination modes incl development of sector branding platforms and online campaigns.
  • Quality and Knowledge Management incl video documentation of procedures.
  • Active involvement of Commercial Attaches in MI service
  • Guided trade fair visits
  • Involvement of business communities through stakeholder focus groups and roadshows.

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