E-marketing and market intelligence support in Nicaragua

July 26, 2013

Direct support to Ministry of Tourism in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, CBI implements the Integrated Tourism Development and Promotion Programme. The programme started with a strategic Conference in April 2012, and it has been working since on strengthening public private cooperation, establishing Round Tables for Product Development; Marketing and Promotion and Market Intelligence. Another component of the programme concerns the Export Coaching, aiming to further enhance sustainable exports of Nicaraguan tourism providers towards the EU.

Mid 2013, CBI invited Globally Cool to provide direct, institutional support to INTUR – the Ministry of Tourism in Nicaragua.Ever since, coach Joost van der Kooij has started to work with INTUR on the development of a brand new Market Intelligence portfolio. It targets both the Nicaragua tourism businesses that aim to find (even more) sustainable business partners in the EU, as well as international tour operators and travel agents that search sustainable access into Nicaragua.


Also, Joost coaches INTUR in developing and implementing an integrated internet strategy. This includes strategy development and usability of www.intur.gob.ni and www.visitanicaragua.com, tools and skills enhancement, but also the optimisation of search engine marketing, social media and monitoring and evaluation policies.

Herre Visser

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