Bali’s finest…

August 11, 2011

Cool coach Alfons just returned from Bali after a strategic session with the management and staff of the Bali Export Development Organization (BEDO). It is a dynamic and interactive process of rethinking and redesigning the strategy of the organization, to be lean and mean(ingful). In this second strategic session, a breakthrough was realized in conceptualizing a new business model, services portfolio and marketing strategy.

Bali’s finest
The new business model is centered around training and coaching on sustainable business development and corporate social responsibility (CSR) and a labeling program of so-called “Bali’s finest” companies. As part of the labeling program, BEDO will provide Bali’s finest labels to those companies that comply with sustainable business development and CSR criteria. It will be a key program for the organization and a first step for a sustained effort to revive the Bali brand for the private sector of the whole island.

We can hardly wait to proceed, but first the new strategy will be discussed in a set of focus group discussions with the stakeholders. Next month, Alfons will continue with some cool coaching….Stay tuned.

Alfons van Duijvenbode

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